SkyZone Indoor Trampoline Park: Toddler Time

skyzone indoor trampoline parkWho needs a gym membership when you’re home with four kids? I swear there are days doing chores when I run as many flights of steps as I would on an elliptical machine. My version of toning muscles is shopping, packing and preparing for a family camping trip. But there are definitely times when I want to take a break from the domestic drills and just chill out and play with the kids while still getting some exercise. We found a great new venue for that today – SkyZone Indoor Trampoline Park.

At a flat $8 per person for a 30-minute jump window (add $4 for each additional half hour), this activity is too pricey to bring the whole brood out to Oakdale for an hour. Much more reasonable, particularly because I have some very young children, is their Toddler Time special. From 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. each Tuesday and Friday kids five and under (and their parents!) jump for only $4 per person. Yes, I get my workout in, too!

skyzone indoor trampoline parkI felt like a regular kangaroo today, jumping with my 16-month-old in arms after she finally wore out. The 3-year-old probably could’ve lasted much longer than time allowed, springing from one side of the room to the other on a sea of trampolines. There’s even a foam pit to launch the little ones into.

skyzone indoor trampoline parkMy school-aged children are excluded from jumping at this reduced price, but they are welcome during all-ages open jump (generally during SkyZone’s normal hours of operation). I reason that the price is doable if the younger sibs stay home at this time and Mom or Dad isn’t needed to chaperone on the tramps.

In short, it’s a fun, healthy activity everyone in the family can enjoy – and benefit! – from, but it might not make financial sense to do so.

For the Files: Toddler Time at SkyZone is held from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. at two Metro locations. All eligible (kids 5 & under plus their caregivers) jump for $4 during this time. Be sure to check their online calendar for changes and/or cancellations. Find out more about SkyZone’s open jump times and special programs on their website. Reserving & purchasing jump times online is recommended during school breaks and on weekends as capacity is often reached. Each participant is required to sign a waiver before jumping.

SkyZone Oakdale
595 Hale Ave N (map it)
Oakdale, MN  55128

SkyZone Plymouth
13310 Industrial Park Blvd #160 (map it)
Plymouth, MN 55441

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  1. One of these trampoline parks just opened up in my neighborhood and I’ve been wanting to check it out! How was the supervision when you were there? It kind of looks like children just running everywhere. I mean, they’re tiny so they aren’t going to be able to jump too high, but just out of concern…

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